Clerk's Office

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

All Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests must be submitted to township FOIA officer, Administrator Richard Krier. They can be emailed to View the township's FOIA Information page here.


The Township Clerk, Charles Levy, is responsible for taking minutes of all open and closed (Executive Session) meetings of the Board of Trustees. The Township Clerk is also responsible for preparing all agendas, securing tape recordings of all closed meetings, and performing accounting duties. Clerk Levy's office also provides assistance with voter registration and passport services.

Annual Town Meeting

The purpose of the Annual Town Meeting is to publish the Supervisor's Annual Financial Report, to discuss and vote on issues of Township Business, and to allow electors to speak on any Township Government issues. Today, townships continue to hold Annual Town Meetings on the second Tuesday in April each year. While the Annual Meetings no longer deal with roaming livestock or the muddy condition of dirt roads, the meetings continue to be committed to responding to the needs of the residents of this community by providing compassionate, efficient, and accountable government services. The role of all townships is continually evolving.


Voter Registration

Register to vote at the Niles Township Clerk’s Office, Monday through Friday, 9 am through 5 pm. The Clerk’s Office is located at:
5255 Lincoln Avenue
Skokie, Illinois 60077

On Election Day, voters who are not registered to vote can register and vote at their home precinct only. Any voter who is not registered and needs to know where to go to register and vote on Election Day can utilize the Clerk’s online Your Voter Information Tool to find their proper polling place by address or birthday.

Voters planning on registering to vote or updating their address on Election Day must bring two pieces of identification to register, one with a current address.

Online Voter Registration
Register to vote online.

Temporary Handicap Placards

The Niles Township Clerk’s Office can issue a temporary placard from 1 to 6 months. Permanent applications must be sent to the Placard Unit in Springfield.

View the Temporary Handicap Placard Application (PDF).


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