Supervisor's Office

Welcome to Niles Township Government and the supervisor’s office, which oversees the many services the Township provides. Residents rely on these services every day, every week, every month, and every year. The Township has become an essential safety net for the more vulnerable of its population, but it also provides other important services as well.

All of these services and more are available thanks to a small and dedicated staff, often wearing multiple hats, and at relatively little cost to taxpayers. The Niles Township Board of Trustees is committed to making sure that community needs are met. 

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About Niles Township

Although Niles Township Government has been operating since 1850, it is the oldest form of government in the area, not everyone knows the Township is here and why.

Surrounding Area

Covering 21.3 square miles, Niles Township includes the villages of Skokie, Lincolnwood, and Golf as well as sections of Morton Grove, Niles, and Glenview.

Food Pantry

The Niles Township Food Pantry, one of its most important offerings, has seen a spike in clients in recent years. Throughout the year, the Township receives donations to The Niles Township Food Pantry Foundation - a 501C-3 corporation, which is so vital in making sure the Pantry can serve as many people as possible.

General Assistance & Emergency Assistance funds

The Township’s General Assistance and Emergency Assistance funds help those in critical need. The funds are administered by the Township’s two social workers who work with community members struggling to pay rent, medical bills, and utilities.

Niles Township distributes grants to essential non-profit organizations and issues scholarships to eligible families to help cover daycare and summer camp costs.

Clerk's Office & Assessor

The Clerk’s Office processes passports and handicapped placards and provides notary service throughout the year; two legal agencies offer assistance to seniors and immigrants; the Niles Township Assessor addresses many different property tax concerns for residents.

Coast2Coast Prescription-Drug Card

Niles Township was the first in the state to offer Coast2Coast, a free prescription-drug card that has saved Township residents millions of dollars on prescription drugs, tests, dental costs, and even health services for pets.

Bernie’s Book Bank

It is the largest collection site in the area for Bernie’s Book Bank, which distributes donated books to families with children who can’t afford them. The Township’s popular paper shredding events, community gardens, and monarch butterfly garden reflect a genuine commitment to an environmentally friendly way of life.

COVID-19 Response

When the COVID-19 crisis challenged so many of our neighbors, Niles Township stepped up to provide supplemental food and funds for those in real need.  It was common during this time to hear reassurances that “we’re all in this together.” Niles Township has always embraced that mission when providing urgent and crucial services to its community of more than 105,000 residents.

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