• Skokie Police Team Preparing Their Dish
  • Niles Township Supervisor Bonnie Kahn Ognisanti and Trustee Don Gelfund at Event
  • Lincolnwood Police Team Making a Sauce
  • Lincolnwood Police Team Celebrate Their Victory
  • Lincolnwood Police Officers Attending the Event
  • Lincolnwood Mayor Barry Bass Visits the Lincolnwood Police Team During the Competition
  • Lincolnwood Mayor Barry Bass Sings the Praises of Iron Chef Mario Rizzotti
  • Lincolnwood Human Relations Commission Hosting the Event
  • Lincolnwood Fire Personnel Wait for the Judges' Decision
  • Lincolnwood Fire Personnel Prepared to Cook
  • Judge Iron Chef Mario Rizzotti Samples the Final Dishes
  • Event Organizer Unveiling Chicken as the Competitions Special Ingredient
  • Chief Handing Out Food

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