Scott Bagnall

Township Board
Title: Assessor
Phone: 847-673-9300


An attorney with significant experience in anything and everything to do with real estate, Scott Bagnall is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer. A longtime Skokie resident, he uses these licenses to benefit the Niles Township property taxpayer. Scott conducts no-charge group legal events such as workshops where everyone goes home with powers of attorney, and there are always tax seminars during appeal season. Past President of the Cook County Township Assessors Association, he is a graduate of DePaul University and Loyola School of Law.

Community Involvement

Scott frequently steps in to help taxing agencies work within the intricacies of Cook County property tax laws, rules, customs and practices. He keeps current on property tax issues so taxpayers can avoid being overwhelmed by the complexities of the Cook County system. For those who wish to explore the tax system deeper at their own pace, Scott has donated a book he authored, "Reduce Your Property Tax," to every library in Niles Township.

He opens the office at odd hours and makes whatever other special arrangements are required to ensure Niles Township taxpayers receive appeal assistance. Scott monitors the big picture issues impacting taxpayers such as TIFs, PTAB refunds, tax burden shifts, exemptions, and supporting local business.

In his office, taxpayers receive timely, courteous, competent, and relevant assistance conducted with experience, competency, unquestioned impartiality, and in many cases a bit of extra help.

Scott is, quite simply stated, the advocate and best friend for the Niles Township taxpayer.


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